Our homesteading journey began in 2009. The recession hit our family hard.

We went from having a really good income to struggling to afford for our family.

We learned quickly the value of minimal ingredient, frugal recipes.

We started by baking homemade bread.

Those first loaves barely held together, but they fed us and our children.

Next cam jam making… Triple berry jam to be exact!

A seed was planted, and little by little it grew.

Chickens were added to the homestead.

We were terrified! We didn’t know the first thing about chickens and started with just two birds.

We absolutely fell in love with the chickens, and quickly added more.

Before we knew it, we outgrew our little village lot.

We had a dream to purchase a home in the country on some land.

Finally in 2020 our prayers were answered when we closed on a 67 acre property.

Although we have only lived on our land for a few months, we have been homesteading for years.

We started our YouTube channel to share our journey. Feel free to subscribe if you would like.

We want to be a beacon of hope for others that want to embark on this amazing journey and share our knowledge on the way.

Follow along with us as we go back to our roots.

We will also be sharing our journey on our Pinterest, and Instagram pages.

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